Inflatable Games & Interactive Games

Barrel of Fun
A Barrel-Of-Fun is what passengers have as they spin inside the huge, realistic looking barrels. Shown Left: the Barrel-Of-Fun “single” ride.
Dunk Tank
This is a proven crowd-pleaser! The dunk tank has been a leading money maker for years at fairs, carnivals and fund raisers!
High Strikers
Test your strength using a rubber mallet; see who can ring the bell at the top. (Photo is of the small high striker for kids. Large is for teens/adults.)
Speed Pitch
Baseball Speed Pitch: This portable, rugged and easy to set up game features a professional sports radar gun which can clock speeds from 6 to 150 mph. Guests will love finding out their pitching speed – how fast is your pitch?
Giant Trikes (set of 4)
Ever imagined how silly it would look to see adults racing around on tricycles? Imagine no more as you mount our sturdy adult-sized Wacky Trikes and race your competitors to the checkered flag on the custom cone course that you design. Wacky Trikes are safe and fun for all ages and are sure to be a highlight at your next special event. Loads of fun to watch too!
Sumo Wrestling
Our Sumo Wrestling game comes with 2-piece suits which are unique to our industry. Our suits are heavily padded, and come with all safety gear, including mats if needed. This is a hilariously entertaining game, especially to watch.
Batman Bounce House
The bounce house is the perfect way to combine fun and healthy activity, and will add value to any Party Rental or Indoor FEC! With a variety of colors, shapes and themes, our moonwalks offer kids of all ages exciting aerobic activity. This jumper has 360-degree mesh windows, so parents and spectators can have a clear view of all the fun.

Size: 14.5’L x 13.5’W x 13’H

Bounce House & Slide Combo
This attractive and colorful jumper and slide provides plenty of room for kids to jump and slide their way through the day!

Size: 20’4″L x 15’10″W x 14.5’H

Pumpkin Bounce House
This festive fall jumper provides plenty of room for kids to jump their way through the day!

Size: 18’L x 15’W x 14’H


13 x 13 x 8 Indoor Bounce House
Though small, this bounce house still has ample room for kids to jump and play!
13 x 13 Wacky Bounce House
This bright jumper provides plenty of room for kids to jump their way through the day!
MoonWalkAFrame 15 x 15 A-Frame Bounce House
Great for 6, 7 and 8 year old get-togethers. Available for pick up for weekend rentals. For children 11 years and under.
15 x 15 Purple Castle Bounce House
Great for 6, 7 and 8 year old get-togethers. Available for pick up for weekend rentals. For children 11 years and under.
MoonwalkCastle 15 x 15 Red Castle Bounce House
Great for 6, 7 and 8 year old get-togethers. Available for pick up for weekend rentals. For children 11 years and under.
20′ x 23′ Bounce House
Great for 6, 7 and 8 year old get-togethers. For children 11 years and under.
25′ Round Bounce House
This bounce is sure to be the life of the party. Great for 6, 7 and 8 year old get-togethers. For children 11 years and under.
5-in-1 Bounce House
The ultimate in inflatable jumpers! The large interior jumping area offers a basketball hoop and both log and pop-up obstacles. With a climb feature, exit slide, and all-over bouncing, kids will have hours of active fun! Parents and spectators are offered a clear view with the 360-degree mesh sides. This 5-in-1 bounce house is sure to make any indoor or outdoor event a great success!

Size: 22’L x 16’W x 15’H

Bounce and Box
“Knock out” your opponent with oversized boxing gloves in the industry’s safest inflatable ring.**May be rented without boxing gloves as an open net bounce house.

Size: 15’L x 15’W x 11’H

Balloon Typhoon
Kids step inside the Typhoon and into a whirlwind of flying multi-color balloons and the fun begins! Happy clown face is ultra bright and ultra safe. Easily entertains over 100 children per hour.

Size: 12’L x 12’W x 12’H

14′ Wet or Dry Slide
This huge single lane slide can be used as a water slide or, turn off the water and it’s now a dry slide! Go ahead, go nuts! Because this slide is fully equipped with non-slip grip material on climbing area, launch platform, and entrance areas, and with an inflated safe landing zone. Features a built-in misting system – set it and forget it! Ideal for all ages!

Size: 25’L x 12’W x 15’H

GiantSlide Giant Slide
The Giant Slide (a portable inflatable ride), is a favorite at picnics, fairs, and schools. Riders climb to a staging area at the top, and slide down to a safety area at the bottom. 18′ high!

Size: 30’L x 13’W x 18’H

Large Obstacle Course with Slide and 180 Degree Turnaround
Make your way through inflatable obstacle course that wraps around to the climb to the top of the giant slide. Kids will want to go again and again!

Size: 35’L x 25’W x 18’H

Wacky Jr Obstacle Course with Slide
Kids can race an opponent through this 180 degree obstacle course. Run, climb, squeeze, bounce, and slide to the finish!

Size: 25’L x 24’W x 14.5’H

More than 140 ft. of exploration and adventure. Viewing panels throughout create a perfect setting for an exciting game of hide and seek.

Size: 36’L x 20’W x 5’H

Small Obstacle Course with Slide
Race side by side with an opponent through the inflatable obstacle course and slide down to the finish.

Size: 38’L x 13’W x 10’H

7ElementObstacleCourseOrObstacleWithSlide 7 Element Obstacle Course
This is an incredible game that allows two participants to race side by side along an obstacle course. Encounter hills, covered tunnels, tubes etc. It’s a challenge everyone will love!

Size: 34’L x 13’W x 11’H

Choo-Choo Train
All aboard! This inflated train is 45′ of fun! Lots of detail inside, a Bouncy Floor for safe play, and many ways for both kids and adults to play! Kids will love climbing up and over the mountain slide while they explore this unique inflatable. A must have for every operator.

Size: 65’L x 8’W x 10’H

Gladiator Joust
Get ready to “joust it out” on this large inflated playing field. 2 participants stand on foam pedestals approximately 2 feet above the inflated playing surface. The object is to get your opponent to fall from their pedestal before you do, using a large padded jousting stick. Youth jousting sticks are available so that even younger jousters can join in the fun.

Size: 24’L x 16’W x 4’H

Hoops 2 Inflatable
Swish! Nothin’ but net! Race side by side to see who can make all the balls on their side first!

Size: 14’L x 10’W x 10’H

Pony Hops
Giddy up! Hop on one of these inflatable ponies and race your friends, family or co-workers to the finish line. Hours of fun for kids and grown-ups alike!
Wacky Ball
Wacky Ball is fun for all ages. This game holds four players at one time. It’s a combination of Gladiator Joust and Tether Ball.

Size: 25′ Round x 14’H

Bungee Run
The Bungee Run is a favorite at picnics, school functions, fairs, and corporate team building events. Two participants at a time put on padded belts. Bungee cords are attached to the Bungee Run at one end and to each participant’s belt. The two then run down their own inflated safety lane to see who can go the farthest before the bungee cord pulls them back. Great fun to participate and to watch.

Size: 35’L x 11’W x 7’H

Tug of War Bungee
Popular for Company picnics and youth group functions this inflatable brings out the competitor in everyone .Similar to the Bungee Run, the Bungee Tug-O-War involves pulling on bungee cords, only on this extreme sport game participants are pulling against each other rather than next to each other. A unique twist on the classic tug-o-war game with a rope, the Bungee Tug-O-War is themed as a football game – who can place their Velcro football the furthest down the field before getting pulled back by their opponent? Tons of fun (or should we say “yards” of fun?!?).

Size: 32’L x 10’W x 8’H

Inflatable Twister
Twist and turn with up to 12 players on this inflatable version of the classic game.

Size: 23’L x 23’W x 2.5’H

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