Tents & Canopies


Shelter your guests from the elements and provide a unique outdoor setting with our beautiful Pole Tents and Frame Tents.  We can accessorize any tent with solid, french window, or mesh sidewalls; propane heaters; pole covers; and pole clamps.  With our tent accessories and lighting and decor items, a traditional tent can transform your outdoor space into an elegant banquet or ballroom venue.  Our tents come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes.  Choosing the right tent to fit your event and comfortably accommodate all of your guests can be tricky; our event specialists are more than happy to provide consultation.  Give us a call or stop by our showroom!

Pole Tents

Our Pole Tents are high-quality canopies with vinyl tops attached to wooden or metal poles and anchored with ground stakes.  Grass surfaces work best for our pole tents with ground staking, but we can also pound the stakes into gravel or blacktop surfaces with extra labor (and an extra fee).  Pole tents have at least 1 center pole on the inside, which are available in either wood poles or metal poles and may be decorated with fabric, flowers, etc.  Areas with pole tents should account for an additional 5’ on each side of the tent for ground staking.


Frame Tents

Our Frame Tents are free-standing metal structures and can go on any surface with weights or stakes.  These are usually used on hard blacktop or concrete surfaces so no damage is done with ground stakes, but can also be secured on grass with staking.  There are no poles inside the frame tents.  Frame tents require our delivery and set up as their set-up is a bit more difficult than a pole tent.


Clearspan Structure Tent



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