Featured Wedding Items

Looking for some special touches for your wedding?

We have a great selection of wedding items to choose. Here we’ve put together some featured items that we love!


Wood wedding arch

The wood wedding arch has an understated beauty. Decorate it with flowers, vines, lights, fabric, beading… or keep it simple!
Check out our other arches at the bottom of our lighting & decor page!


17 gal. galvanized tub

galvanized 12 qt pail

Chill beverages on ice in our 17 gallon galvanized tubs. Incorporate it into the decor using different sizes – we also have a 12 quart galvanized pail. Fill them with flowers, cards, fruit, favors, candles… or turn them upside down and use them as tray/desert stands! Rustic and charming.

Our serving & catering page has all sorts of other items for serving your guests in style!

Both items are also on our decor page.

wine barrel

Use our wine barrels – or whiskey barrels for an even more rustic appeal – and a wood panel or plank to create tables or a bar
Take a look at the whiskey barrels in our lighting & decor page.


Our White Bavarian china set is a wonderfully endearing wedding favorite!
Browse our other dinnerware items.

wooden easel

Use our wooden easel to display your Pinterest-perfect “pick a seat, not a side” sign.Our flooring, staging, sound & presentation page also contains everything you’ll need for sound, as well as the Dance Floor!

Natural Wooden Chair

Our natural or white wooden chairs make set-up a breeze, and are much more visually appealing than basic folding chairs.
Take a look at our beautiful white wooden chairs and other chairs and tables!

Denim & Burlap linens

Lace overlay linen

Lace overlay linen


yellow checkered linens


Shakespearean stripes

We have tons of linens to choose from! Burlap, denim, lace, checkered, and Shakespearean stripes would all be fantastic for a rustic wedding!View our full linen selection here!
Horseshoesp6427267dt We LOVE yard games at wedding receptions! (And we think your guests will, too!) Beanbag toss, ladder golf, horse shoes are all great games that guests can play as they wish while they chat.Find the fun you’re looking for in our party & yard games page!

Wedding reception under our structure tent. Photo Credit: Bailey Aro Photography (www.baileyaro.com)

And don’t forget the tent!Check out this great article we’ve pinned to our Event Rental Pinterest board! If you’re not sure about tent rental, give it a read!


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